Thank you so much for all of your support and allowing me to be the Republican nominee. We still have much to do and I humbly ask for your vote again on November 6th. 



★ Devoted Husband and Father

★ Successful Small Businessman

★ A Proven Leader for Tulsa County


"I am proud to have the endorsement from so many people I want to thank everyone who has shown me so much support during this campaign." -Stan Sallee



JOHN SMALIGO - Former Tulsa County Commissioner

Collinsville IAFF Local 2625 - PAC

Owasso IAFF Local # 1077 PAC

Collinsville Police FOP Lodge # 107

Tulsa Firefighters IAFF Local # 176

Tulsa Co. Sheriffs Dept FOP Lodge # 188

MAYOR BILL BUTLER - City of Sperry

BUEL ANGLEN - Cherokee Nation Tribal Council


SCOTT EUDEY - Vice Mayor, City of Broken Arrow

MAYOR BUD YORK - City of Collinsville

Karen Keith, Tulsa County Commissioner, Dist 2

ROBERT J. LAFORTUNE - Former Tulsa Mayor

Dr. PAUL LOVING - Chair, Owasso Planning Commission

JOHNNIE PARKS - Broken Arrow City Councilor

Dr. BRYAN SPRIGGS - Chair, Owasso Economic Development Authority

DEBRA WIMPEE - Broken Arrow City Councilor

STEVE CATAUDELLA - Former Mayor, City of Owasso

Greater Tulsa Area Realtors PAC

Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce Biz PAC

BRAD FRANCIS - City Commissioner City of Collinsville

DOUG BONEBRAKE - Owasso City Councilor

MIKE LESTER - Broken Arrow City Councilor


DENNIS SEMLER - Tulsa Co. Treasurer


VIC REGALADO  - Tulsa Co. Sheriff

MAYOR CRAIG THURMOND - City of Broken Arrow

HERB WEAVER - Former Mayor of City of Collinsville

MAYOR  Dr. CHRIS KELLY - City of Owasso


JOE LANDON - President, American Bank of Oklahoma

FRANK HINKE - CEO, American Bank & Trust Co.

DEWEY BARTLETT- Former Mayor, City of Tulsa

DR. CLARENCE OLIVER - former Broken Arrow School Superintendent 

"I believe we need more leaders with experience in the private sector, who know what it means to look after the bottom line and watch every penny. I will be a watch dog for our tax dollars and focus county resources where they matter most: job creation, public safety, roads, and bridges." -Stan Sallee


Devoted Husband and Father

Stan Sallee and his wife, Kim, have raised their family right here in Tulsa County their entire lives. Married for 30 years, Stan and Kim raised their two children with the same values passed on from their parents: faith in God, a commitment to hard work, and unwavering devotion to family. 

Successful Small Businessman

Stan has spent his career in business working to create jobs. His experience in his family’s business include manufacturing, developing neighborhoods, oil and gas production and construction. Stan believes it is important to elect leaders who understand the need to reinvest in our communities through job creation, public infrastructure and public safety.

A Leader for Tulsa County

Stan is a proven leader with a track record of success who will be a watchdog for your tax dollars, and focus county resources where they matter most, job creation, public safety, roads and bridges. Stan believes that Tulsa County government must focus on these basic functions of government to best serve citizens and taxpayers. He understands that a county with a strong economy, quality public safety and well-maintained infrastructure will attract jobs for our families and build a bright future for our children.

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